GameSec 2024

Conference on Game Theory and AI for Security

October 16-18, 2024, New York, USA

2024 Conference on Game Theory and AI for Security

The 15th Conference on Game Theory and AI for Security (GameSec-24) will take place from October 16-18, 2024 in New York, USA. With the rapid development of information, automation, and communication technology, the security of these emerging systems is more important now than ever. GameSec 2024 focuses on protecting heterogeneous, large-scale, and dynamic cyber-physical systems and managing security risks faced by critical infrastructures through rigorous and practically relevant analytical methods. GameSec 2024 invites novel, high-quality theoretical and empirical contributions, which leverage decision theory and game theory to address security problems and related problems such as privacy, trust, or bias in emerging systems. The goal of the conference is to bring together academic, government, and industrial researchers in an effort to identify and discuss the major challenges and recent results that highlight the interdisciplinary connections between game theory, AI, control, distributed optimization, adversarial reasoning, machine learning, mechanism design, behavioral analysis, risk assessments, and security, reputation, trust and privacy problems.

The conference encourages paper submission on applications of large foundation models in AI, including LLMs, to security and privacy problems as well as adversarial attacks on such models or limitations of such models in complex security domains.

Conference Topics include (but are not restricted to):

GameSec solicits research papers, which report original results and have neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere, on the following and other closely related topics:

  • Applications of game theory in security, encompassing both cooperative and non-cooperative games
  • Mechanism design for enhancing security and privacy protocols.
  • Deception and signaling techniques in security.
  • Security investment strategies and economic considerations.
  • Utilization of control theory principles for autonomous defense.
  • Integration of reinforcement learning techniques into cybersecurity measures.
  • Implementation and implications of cyber insurance policies within security strategies.
  • Techniques for risk assessment and effective risk management
  • Trust evaluation and management methodologies.
  • Integration of behavioral aspects into security and privacy frameworks.
  • Incorporating insights from behavioral sciences into decision-making within security contexts.
  • Applications of machine learning in security.
  • Exploration of adversarial and trustworthy machine learning techniques including in foundation models.
  • Strategic utilization of machine learning for cybersecurity.
  • Implementation of multi-agent learning approaches in security contexts.
  • Use of foundation models in security.

Conference Sponsors and Supporters

We invite you to participate in the sponsor program for GameSec-24. The conference will be held in person October 16-18, 2024. GameSec is an annual international conference that started in 2010 and it focuses on the protection of heterogeneous, large-scale, and dynamic cyber-physical systems as well as managing security risks faced by critical infrastructures through rigorous and practically relevant analytical methods, especially game-theoretic and decision-theoretic methods. The proceedings of the conference are published by Springer.

GameSec conference attracts 25-50 students, researchers, and practitioners every year from all around the world. Your participation in the GameSec sponsor program will give you visibility to this diverse group that has interest and expertise in security, privacy, game theory, decision theory, and more.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Sponsor company name and logo will be displayed on website and at the venue
  • Opportunity for sponsored awards (best paper and best paper honorable mention)
  • Opportunity to provide named travel grant
  • Acknowledgment in opening talk and closing remarks
    • New York University
    • Springer (Best Paper Award)

Code of Conduct

The GameSec community values Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). GameSec’s Code of Conduct clearly outlines undesirable behaviors and subsequent corrective actions in detail.

GameSec 2024 Proceedings

GameSec 2024 proceedings will be published by Springer as part of the LNCS series.