GameSec 2010

Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security

22-23 November 2010, Berlin, Germany

2010 Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security

Photo: Berlin Brandenburg Gate GameSec 2010, the inaugural Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security has taken place on the campus of Technical University Berlin, Germany, on November 22-23, 2010, under the sponsorships of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories and Frauenhofer HHI.

Please check the retrospect page for a final report on GameSec 2010.

Current News

The updated conference technical and social program is available for download [Pdf, 450Kb]. Please visit the program page for details.
The conference registration is now open.
The venue and hotel information is updated. We have reserved rooms in 4 different hotels close to the conference venue. Please check the map for details.

Program Highlights


GameSec conference aims to bring together researchers who aim to establish a theoretical foundation for making resource allocation decisions that balance available capabilities and perceived security risks in a principled manner. The conference focuses analytical models based on game, information, communication, optimization, decision, and control theories that are applied to diverse security topics. At the same time, the connection between theoretical models and real world security problems are emphasized to establish the important feedback loop between theory and practice. Observing the scarcity of venues for researchers who try to develop a deeper theoretical understanding of the underlying incentive and resource allocation issues in security, we believe that GameSec will fill an important void and serve as a distinguished forum of highest standards for years to come.


We thank all our industry and technical sponsors for their kind support.

Industry Gold Sponsor:

T-Labs logo Deutsche Telekom Laboratories.

Industry Silver Sponsor:

Frauenhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute

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