GameSec 2010

Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security

22-23 November 2010, Berlin, Germany

GameSec 2010 Proceedings

The conference proceedings published by Springer as part of LNCS series are available online!

List of Accepted Full Papers

Mathias Humbert, Mohammad Hossein Manshaei, Julien Freudiger and Jean-Pierre Hubaux . "Tracking Games in Mobile Networks"
Alain Bensoussan , Murat Kantarcioglu and Celine Hoe. "A Game-Theoretical Approach for Finding Optimal Strategies in a Botnet Defense Model"
Assane Gueye , Jean C. Walrand and Venkat Anantharam . "Design of Network Topology in an Adversarial Environment"
Robbert Fokkink, Steve Alpern, Joram Op den Kelder and Tom Lidbetter. "Disperse or Unite? A mathematical model of coordinated attack."
Soren Preibusch and Joseph Bonneau. "The Password Game: negative externalities from weak password practices"
Rainer Bohme and Mark Felegyhazi. "Optimal Information Security Investment with Penetration Testing"
Murat Kantarcioglu , Alain Bensoussan and Celine Hoe. "When Do Firms Invest in Privacy-Preserving Technologies?"
Nan Zhang, Wei Yu, Xinwen Fu and Sajal Das . "gPath: A Game-Theoretic Path Selection Algorithm to Protect Tor's Anonymity"
Altman Eitan , Basar Tamer and Kavitha Veeraruna. "Adversarial Control in a Delay Tolerant Network"
Saurabh Amin, Galina A. Schwartz and Shankar S. Sastry. "Security Interdependencies for Networked Control Systems with Identical Agents"
Nevena Vratonjic , Mohammad Hossein Manshaei, Maxim Raya and Jean-Pierre Hubaux . "ISPs and Ad Networks Against Botnet Ad Fraud"
Eitan Altman , Alireza Aram, Tamer Basar , Corinne Touati and Saswati Sarkar. "Robust Control in Sparse Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks"

List of Accepted Short Papers

Benjamin Johnson , Jens Grossklags , Nicolas Christin and John Chuang. "Uncertainty in Interdependent Security Games"
Nicola Gatti , Mattia Monga and Sabrina Sicari . "A Localization Game in Wireless Sensor Networks"
Barbara Kordy , Sjouke Mauw , Matthijs Melissen and Patrick Schweitzer . "Attack-Defense Trees and Two-Player Binary Zero-Sum Extensive Form Games Are Equivalent"
Alberto Volpatto, Federico Maggi and Stefano Zanero . "Effective multimodel anomaly detection using cooperative negotiation"
Farzad Salim, Jason Reid, Uwe Dulleck and Ed Dawson . "Towards a Game Theoretic Authorisation Model"
Christopher Kiekintveld , Janusz Marecki and Milind Tambe . "Methods and Algorithms for Infinite Bayesian Stackelberg Security Games"